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The Hallowe'en Night on the 27th October  was well attended.  Fancy dress was not compulsory but many turned up dressed the part.  Including the scary DJ Jack.

xmas 2018 2.jpg

Getting in to the Christmas Spirit! 

The village enjoyed a party in the Village Hall.  Everyone contributed food and drink for a delicious buffet.  The hall looked very festive with its decorations and DJ Jack provided Christmas music to get everyone in the festive mood.

xmas 2018.jpg


The 2019 Cheese & Wine (and beer!) event was a great success.   

Everyone enjoyed the delicious selection of cheeses and wines.

Allen's famous beer tasting competition was particularly popular!


Romance at the village hall !

Terry & Hazel Gostyn visited the hall in October 2018 and as luck would have it someone was available to let them in to complete a sentimental journey.  Here is the visit in their words:

"As we arrived at the village hall, we were so lucky to meet two very nice people with keys who let us in. This place holds very Special memories for us as it was where we met one October evening in 1963 at a dance, arranged by some people who worked in the Coffee bar on the Bata estate. The exact place can be seen in a photo & after a drink at the now closed pub, one can say, the rest is history. Terry a Bata college student at the time was later transferred in 1966 to Toronto Canada & I followed in 1967. A year later in 1968 we were married. This was A Golden wedding trip down memory lane for us ❤️❤️
Terry & Hazel Gostyn, Toronto Canada


The very spot where they first met

The happy couple outside the hall


Serious  Skulduggery !

At the 2019 Hallowe'en evening at the village hall, the annual prize marrow competition was decided.  There was some serious skulduggery going on as one entrant confessed to having bought the biggest marrow he could find in the greengrocer's and another shamelessly put scrap metal inside one to make it heavier.  Not everyone's idea of "stuffed marrow" !


A Christmas tree on the Green

For Christmas 2019, villagers got together to place a tree on the Green. Special thanks go to Mrs. Pledger, Diana Cole and the Conservators and to all the villagers who helped and supported us.


Clockwise from the top:

The erection party who grappled with the tree, dug the hole plonked it in and had to put up with so many people asking,"Is that straight?"

The dressing of the tree by the Bauble Elf ('n' Safety)

The finished article ready for the big light up at dusk.

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