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Conditions of hire

West Tilbury Village Hall Management Committee agree to let the hall to the Hirer subject to the following conditions:

  1. The booking will not be confirmed until the deposit is paid in full.

  2. The Hirer will forfeit the deposit in the event of cancellation less than 7 (seven) days before the hire date.

  3. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the hall is vacated promptly at the end of the period of hire and/or when requested to do so by the Key Holder.

  4. All music and amplified sound must cease promptly at 11.30 p.m.  The Hirer is responsible for seeing that this rule is strictly observed.

  5. The hirer must not open any of the windows that are marked “Do Not Open”.

  6. The hall is to be promptly cleared of all rubbish by the end of the period of hire. All rubbish to be removed by the Hirer or placed in the wheelie bins provided. The hirer may be subject to a cleaning charge if the hall is left in a dirty condition that requires more than normal cleaning.

  7. Any decorations and suchlike are to be attached to the wall using Blu-Tac only.  Sellotape, drawing pins, nails or screws must not be used.   Decorations, bunting etc. are not to be placed on or over heaters or light fittings.

  8. The heaters are not to be tampered with. This is illegal and dangerous. The heating is to be controlled by using the wall mounted thermostats only.

  9. For Health and Safety reasons, children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the kitchen.

  10. The Hirer will ensure that the water heater in the kitchen, the cooker, all taps, electrical appliances and lights in the toilets and other rooms are turned off prior to vacating the hall at the end of the hire period.

  11. The Hirer will ensure that the refrigerator is switched off, emptied of all items and left with the door wide open prior to vacating the hall at the end of the hire period.

  12. The Hirer is to take reasonable care to avoid any damage to the hall, fixtures or fittings. Fire extinguishers and other items of safety equipment are not to be tampered with. Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.

  13. The hirer will abide by the noise levels and observe the "traffic light" controls installed in the hall.  The steady green light denotes acceptable sound levels, the double yellow lights denote a warning that the sound level is increasing and the red light indicates an excessive noise level. If this excessive noise level is sustained then the electrical power to the sound equipment will be interrupted. After a suitable period, the power will be reinstated to permit the equipment to be adjusted to a reduced sound level.

  14. The hirer will make every effort to keep noise to a minimum, both inside and outside the hall during the period of hire and when vacating the hall. When parking along Rectory Road or at the hall, please do so legally. Care should be taken not to obstruct other road users and local residents. Please respect our neighbours.

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